The Perfect Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle Puppies

The Perfect Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle PuppiesThe Perfect Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle PuppiesThe Perfect Golden Retriever and Goldendoodle Puppies

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Welcome to Willoughby Farm Goldens and Goldendoodles. We are the Frost Family. 

We pride ourselves in bettering the Golden Retriever breed as a passion. We work hard to have the best health clearances in the industry and always strive to do better. We work hard daily for our puppies to have calm and happy demeanors, very well socialized and We raise our puppies in home with our children. Our dogs are our pets. We are hands on from the moment they are born.

We feed high quality food, and give the best supplements and the best health care for our babies. 

We pride ourselves in the health of our sire and dam. They have amazing health clearances which pass onto your puppy resulting in less vet bills, a happier life and a healthier dog.

We have very good demeanors in our puppies and only want the very best homes for them.


What is a Golden Retriever?

Friendly, Intelligent, Devoted

Among one of the most popular breeds of dog, the Golden Retriever Is one of the most loyal and loving dogs you will find. Originally bred as a gun dog in Scotland. The Golden Retriever is a very versatile dog. They are great for hunting, seeing eye dogs, companion dogs, search and rescue, very good for obedience, and in general just love life. 


The Golden Retriever is a very loyal, sweet, playful and loving dog. They smile A LOT! And they are very happy fun dogs. 

Life Basics

The Golden Retriever usually lives 12-14 years, They are generally healthy dogs but are known for a few diseases  as you can see on the AKC website. Our dogs are bred to ensure these don't happen. With the best health clearances and thorough testing for our breeding pair. We want the healthiest and happiest life for our pups. 

Our Goldens are clear through parentage for their hips/elbows/heart/eyes/DNA.

What is a Goldendoodle?

Well what exactly is a Goldendoodles?

A Goldendoodles is a poodle mixed with a Golden Retriever. This means they get the intelligence and ease from both dogs and this is a wonderful combination of both dogs. Easy to care for, loving, loyal dogs. 

What makes them special?

Since 2005, Goldendoodles have been used as pets, agility dogs, guide dogs and other service dogs, therapy dogs, diabetic dogs, search dogs and rescue dogs, as they have inherited the poodle's intelligence and the golden retriever's ease of training. Goldendoodles have also become increasingly used as domestic pets due to their affection towards families, as well as their friendliness and patience with children and strangers.


The puppies we breed will be non shedding as they are F1B. 


Our Goldendoodles are Mini. The mothers range from 18-22lbs and have been bred with a Toy poodle weighting 7 and 8lbs. The puppies should range from 10-22lbs. 


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Our Golden Retriever Puppies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your forever friend or to ask any questions. They are the perfect family dog.

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