Willoughby Golden Retriever Puppy Contract

Golden Retriever Puppy Contract - To be SIGNED BEFORE DEPOSIT

Puppy Contract

Willoughby Farm Goldens

Sire: _Tramin Presley______

Dam: __Tramin Looks Wonderful_____

Breed: Golden Retriever 

Puppy:____ Sex of Puppy____ Date of Birth: 

Registration: Full _______  Limited _____ 

Buyer Name:  ____________________

Buyer Address: ____________________________________________________

Buyer Phone Number: ____________________________

Buyer Email Address: ___________________________

Total Purchase Price: $____________

Additional Shipping Cost: $_______________________

Deposit: $__________________

Balance to be Paid for full registration: $______________

Payment of balance due by the end of ____________ 2019 in the amount of $__________ 


By placing a deposit on above name puppy, you are entering an agreement between us (seller/breeder) and you (buyer) that you are committed to the purchase of this puppy. This is a nonrefundable deposit. Should you back out of this litter you are okay to use this deposit toward a future litter. 

The purpose of placing a deposit to hold it for you and this makes the puppy unavailable to any other buyers interested. Placing a deposit implies a sale pf the puppy.

Buyers are encouraged not to sign a contract or give a deposit if they are unsure if they want to purchase a puppy and are unsure if they can care for a puppy. This includes having the time and finances available to care for the puppy. 

We attest the puppy is going home healthy as will be stated in writing from our vet. The puppy will leave our home no sooner then 8 weeks old, dewormed, up to date on vaccines that are age appropriate, without fleas. By signing this contract you are attesting to this. We will meet our state standards, every state has its own set of laws please ensure you know yours if you are purchasing from out of state. Different laws may apply from state to state. Make sure you check your state laws for requirements for owning a dog. 

New owners are required to take the puppy to your local vet and confirm the puppy’s good health status within three days of purchase. Please have it in writing from your vet. If for some reason the vet finds the puppy unhealthy for any reason you must contact the breeder within 24 hours with a full written report. If the report is deemed to be accurate by seller’s vet, buyer will have the following options.

1) You may return the puppy for an “exchange” of another puppy that seller will “of like kind” when available. OR

2) You may refund the puppy minus the deposit. (shipping is nonrefundable) 

If going with 1, You must return the puppy before being given a new puppy. All shipping is nonrefundable.

Buyers are required to return any puppy if stated by the vet that it is in less than optimal health. Unless disease was picked up outside of breeder or the buyer agreed to buy the dog knowing the dog had a fault of some kind. 

The purchaser(s) further agrees under no circumstances will the dog be abandoned, given or sold to a shelter, pound, a pet store, laboratory or research facility of any kind, without first giving the Breeder the right to re-home the dog. The breeder will not reimburse the buyer for the dog. 

At the time of delivery, the dog/puppy is guaranteed to be negative and free from viral and bacterial diseases, fungus infections, and internal parasites. 

Caring for the puppy:

All puppies must be allowed to “self” exercise outside in a fenced play area or in designated pen. All puppies must be supervised during exercise during exercise for: twisting and jumping movements. 

Hip dysplasia is possible to develop with certain environmental situations and therefore we do not guarantee your dogs hips as an adult however we do guarantee that both parents have both perfect hips and elbows and your puppy leaving our home does as well. Because of the importance and safety of your dog we recommend and encourage that you do not allow jumping of any kind from heights such as the furniture, trucks, car, van, etc and instead lift the dog down. 

When bringing the puppy home we recommend that you dilute your watering can to a 2% bleach and cover the entire area the dog will be able to play outside as well as the front yard. This will kill all bacteria such as parvo and prevent disease to your puppy until he has had all of his shots and has built his immune system. 

Puppies must be kept up to date on vaccinations to prevent disease. 

Puppies must not be taken to dog parks, out in public until all vaccinations at 16 weeks have been given to prevent parvo and other diseases.

Puppies must be fed a healthy diet. We encourage you to do a full research on dog food and what is best for your dog. Know the ingredients and what is best for this breed. Not all foods are best suited for all breeds. While we can recommend a brand, and tell what we feed, It is your responsibility as a purchaser and owner to feed your dog what you know to be best for him/her and therefore we do not accept responsibility to any issues your dog develops from lack of good nutrition. 

Puppies given CBD, psychotropic drugs, mind altering drugs, sedatives of any kind will void our health guarantee.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee the genetic health of each of our puppies. If for some reason there is an issue with your puppy see above policy on refund/return of your puppy.


It is the intent of the Breeder and the Purchaser(s) that this agreement shall constitute legally binding contract, representing the entire agreement between the parties. Neither party shall have the right to modify it except by mutual agreement in writing. Cost of shipping and carrier’s are buyer’s responsibility and to be paid in advance. Other than those listed, no promises are made concerning this dog/puppy. By signing this agreement the Purchaser(s) acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, agrees to and has received a copy of this agreement. The contract must be signed and dated by both parties listed below or the contract/agreement will be void.

Purchaser __________________. Date: _______________

Breeder____________________ Date _________________